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Sep 15, 2018:@MCHammer That is one fantastic Word MC Hammer. Years ago I met you with my brother Stephen he's a fantastic drumme?


We are Rock n' Roll Musicians, that Love God. We Believe in Jesus Christ!

Rock, R & B and Gospel are where Our Roots Grow Deep.

Michael is My Name. My Brother Stephen is My Drummer. We Live on the West Coast...have Performed in Front of over One Million People Face to Face in 2,300 Concerts in our Lifetime.

We've had the Privilege to Record and play with some of the Greatest Musicians in the World. They are some of Our Dearest Friends. We have Recorded 6 CD'S.  I have Written 12 Songs for this New Cd...

" CAN I RUN TO YOU "     

If You have been Hurt or Confused by things You can't Understand... GOOD NEWS, GOD is a GOD of RESTORATION. And HE is ALWAYS There, just Waiting on YOU to Call.



"Can I Run To You"



“Can I Run To You” is truly an artistic vision, not only within the instrumentation but also within the lyrics. Michael Ray’s skill as a songwriter is predominately apparent as he is able to reach into the depths of his own soul to find these words.

Michael Ray's timeless Masterpiece "Can I Run To You" invites you to a world of unforgettable melodies with stunning soundscapes composed and performed with outstanding technical brilliance and feeling. Not only reveals the album, Michael as one of the world's foremost piano virtuosos, but also an excellent singer songwriter. 


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