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Album Cover
Can I Run To You
Michael Ray
Released: Jul 31, 2011
Track Listing
1 Can I Run To You
2 Searching For Your Hand - Sample
3 I Long For You
4 You Made Me Love Once Again - Sample
5 Love Me As Your Own - Piano
6 I Love You Too
7 Live Again
8 Nothing But A Dream - Sample
9 Piano Blues
10 Love Me As Your Own
11 I Love You Too - Piano
12 What Would Have Been


CD "Can I Run To You"
Michael Ray’s timeless masterpiece ’’Can I Run to You’’ invites you to a romantic world of unforgettable melodies with stunning soundscapes composed and performed with outstanding technical brilliance and feeling. Not only reveals the album Michael as one of the world’s foremost piano virtuosos, but also as an excellent singer songwriter. [Read More...]
"Can I Run To You"
Magazine Article
“Can I Run To You” is truly an artistic vision, not only within the instrumentation but also within the lyrics. Michael Ray’s skill as a songwriter is predominately apparent as he is able to reach into the depths of his own soul to find these words. This song is about love and acceptance and finding the one person who completes you. Anyone who has ever been in love will find a kinship with this song that will last indefinitely [Read More...]
"Piano Blues"
Magazine Article
West Coast-based pianist Michael Ray has been performing with sibling drummer Stephen since they were 10 and 7 years old, respectively. Together, they’ve played more than 2,300 concerts together. That deeply ingrained sense of musical brotherhood, almost like the two are finishing each other’s sentences, plays out on the idiosyncratic, cool-rocking single “Piano Blues.” [Read More...]
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